How we conducted our own referendum by Kirsty Thomas, Yasmin Jallow, Courtney Wood, Sophie Beaumont and Jordan Barr.

The European referendum, a decision that could change our lives forever. The decision to remain in or leave the European Union is one that is baffling many. Immigration, travel cost, currency, border control,terrorism… All issues affecting people's decision. Leave, we would have more control of our borders but stand alone. Stay in, move around Europe freely but renounce control over our borders.

3A decide to hold a mock referendum to further inform those in the center and find out their views on the issue. We made our own ballot box (which Kirsty was very overprotective of) and turned Mr Gore into a polling station on legs. We then went round groups and asked them to take part in the secret ballot. Each pupil spoke to the groups on their opinion and based on the information given, each student voted.

Some of the pupils from 3A even spoke to some members of staff and shared their opinions with students arguing for both sides of the debate but all arguing their points incredibly well.

 The end results were really interesting with 24 voting to leave, 32 voting to remain and 6 spoilt ballot papers. The remian team were incredibly happy with these results though  others not so pleased. The referendum project really opened people's eyes to the world of politics and was a really fun experience.

Why we should leave the EU

  • The amount of money we send to the EU is enuf to build a new hospital every week.

  • We would be able to have some control over how are money is spent.

  • You don’t have to be a member of the EU to trade with it.

  • We could put the money we spend back into the UK instead of sending it overseas.

  • The EU has control over us, we don’t even get to choose who comes into our own country!

  • The EU is ganing more control over the earth how long intill it takes over?

  • We would have more freedom to trade with countries that are not a member of the EU.

  • As the EU is curently we get less than half of the money we send them back, and for what reason?!

  • With less people competing for one job it would mean the would be more people getting jobs and putting more money back into the country.

  • The way we are currently if the EU decides we should do something we have to do it , we don’t get a choice in the matter, we have no control over our own country.

  • The EU is a dictatorship, with complete control over the countries involved, i always thought The UK was against that after the whole ‘world domination’ thing.



Reasons why we should remain in the EU

  • If we stay in the EU it won’t confuse anyone and people might prefer to stay in the EU and keep things just the same has it was and not change anything.

  • Leaving the EU would make travel costs increase making it harder for people from the UK to travel to Europe because we wouldn’t be a European country.

  • If we stay in The EU we be safe more from terrorist and safer from getting bankrupt.

  • If we left the EU we would have to spend more money on going to the European countries because we would have to get a Visa to travel around Europe. If we stayed we could continue traveling freely around Europe.

  • If we stay in the EU people from the other European countries could come to our country and get a job because they might be more qualified to do the jobs.

  • It would be a lot harder to get a job and work in the EU, we wouldn’t be able to live there freely because we would have to live under their rules.

  • just the UK we’d be a lot weaker country having less control.

  • If we stay in the EU it be easier to trade for food drinks and clothes and materials but if we left the EU it would be harder to get not expensive trade for things the country need.

  • If we stay in the EU university it will be less expensive to get into university but if we left the EU it would be a lot more expensive to get into university.

  • If we stay in the EU we be more respected since our  country is with the EU but if we left the EU we might be a lot more disrespected by other EU countries.

  • If we stay in the EU we would be more safe from terrorism because the EU will help us if we ever get attacked. We’d be stronger with the EU more than on our own because if we was

Friday, August 17, 2018
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