Launch of the Educational Diversity magazine, September 2015

A word from the Headteacher

Hello everyone, as Headteacher of Educational Diversity, I am delighted to introduce you all to the first ever edition of our whole service magazine.  Special thanks must go to Barry Gore and his editing team from Athena for getting this up and running.

The magazine is an opportunity to share some of the wonderful things that are happening across our Service.  The articles have been written by staff and students and we are keen for more people to come forward and contribute to future editions.

This has been a very busy year but one that has been very rewarding.  We have worked hard to develop our curriculum, we have welcomed lots of new staff into the team who have come with lots of new ideas to develop. 

I am writing this from my new office at Pegasus which is now home to our KS2 / KS3 provision.  The move into this new building has been a long time coming, but all the waiting has been worthwhile.  Staff and students love the new premises and we are looking forward to learning together in an environment that is inspiring and will help us further achieve on our journey to “outstanding”.

We have had to say goodbye to a few staff who left us in the summer and so on behalf of all staff and students, we would like to wish them all well in their new ventures.  A special mention must go to Brenda Ormrod who has worked with our service for many years.  She initially worked in HHES and was pivotal in developing “First Steps” and “Tiny Steps” provision for our teenage expectant mums.


A word from the editor...

When I told the students I was planning to start a school magazine one of them said to me, “Is it going to be a proper magazine or is it just going to be on paper...?” I wrote this studentism in my book of quotes and thought that it would make a good introductory paragraph.

I want this magazine to become a record of everything that happens at Educational Diversity, I’d like the students to contribute ideas and articles, photography and artwork but I’d also like staff and parents to become involved making the magazine a real piece of the school and not just a glorified display board. I have been genuinely impressed by the student’s abilities these past few months as I attempted to put this magazine together, and this is just the beginning. Mrs. Casson and myself have discussed the possibility of producing one magazine every term and with the introduction of afternoon enrichment sessions and GCSE Photography I hope this magazine can grow into something bigger and better but I will need your help.

Over the next few months the school website and Google drive will become active and I hope via this new technology we can begin establishing the Educational Diversity magazine as a regular and eagerly awaited publication. I look forward to your ideas.....

Barry Gore


Friday, August 17, 2018
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First Magazine

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