Educational Diversity Careers Vision

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

The Careers Vision is underpinned by our 4Cs:

“With CONFIDENCE WE learn,

through CHALLENGE WE grow,

with COMMITMENT WE achieve,

Together WE take CONTROL and realise OUR dreams.”


We are committed to offering impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance to our students presenting a range of education, training and work based routes.


We allow students to take control of their futures by making informed choices with the support of school staff and guided by the Careers Lead and the Engagement Coaches.


We build confidence in all students to develop their own employability skills through accessing a range of activities and allowing for investigation of career progression routes with delivery supported by education/training providers, employers and professional careers bodies.


We challenge all students and staff to develop their knowledge and understanding of careers through whole school delivery of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks linking to the curriculum offer, to the Start online platform and the local careers landscape.

In December 2017 the government published its careers strategy. The latest edition of the statutory guidance is below: -

This document gives further guidance on implementing a stable careers programme that fulfils the needs of students in Educational Diversity whilst following national requirements.

The guidance offers in depth content to support delivery of the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each student
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

As a school we are committed to working towards 100% delivery across all 8 Benchmarks.

Implementing the Careers Programme

Educational Diversity is committed to providing our young people with access to a careers programme that allows them to develop their potential and promote an aspirational curriculum.

The Headteacher Victoria O’Farrell is the Senior Leader with careers responsibility who links with the Senior leadership Team, the Careers Lead and the Management Committee.

The Careers Lead, Vivien Counsell-Thomas holds the Level 7 Careers Leadership qualification and is qualified in Careers Guidance and Development with a Level 6 Diploma.

As well as being embedded in the ‘4 C’s’, careers is also a key priority in the School Improvement Plan with a focus on Gatsby Benchmarks and improving post 16 transition support and destination data through the Pathways for All Programme. The Careers Lead produces a strategic careers programme allowing for yearly evaluation and evidence based planning for future years. All students across school sites will have access to the careers programme to learn more about careers/employability and to support career decision making in Year 11.

At Educational Diversity we aim to raise the aspirations of all students, challenging stereotypes and encouraging careers curiosity throughout the school journey. By doing this we are preparing students for leaving us and supporting life chances.

Our SEND Team includes a ‘when I leave school I would like to…..’ section on all Individual Learning Plans (ILP) to encourage discussion between staff and students at all ages. This ILP can then be shared with post 16 providers of education/training to know how to support our leavers effectively.

We welcome any input and feedback from students, parents/carers, staff and employers in order to develop our programme in the best interests of all our young people.

Educational Diversity is part of the Lancashire Careers Hub – unlocking the potential of Lancashire’s future workforce.

Careers Hubs are communities of practice typically of approximately 35 schools and colleges in an area. However, there are regional variations and as the number of Hubs increases, more Hubs within the same area have been established under joint leadership, creating larger communities of practice.

In Lancashire, the Careers Hub is being expanded from the pilot in Blackpool, Burnley and Pendle with 30 schools and colleges to all 156 schools and colleges across the Lancashire area.

Careers Hubs lead partnerships of schools, colleges, Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities, businesses, Cornerstone Employers and careers providers, to help young people connect closely to local skills and economic needs through a responsive careers education programme. In addition to the benefits of the wider Network, of being provided an Enterprise Coordinator and matched to an Enterprise Adviser, joining a Careers Hub enables schools and colleges to receive professional guidance in how to develop their careers programme, peer-to-peer support, and access to funding and coordinated activity.