Dear Parent/Carer

Half term break

As we move into the half term break, I thought I would write this letter to you to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to keep our school community safe.

Last week, the government moved Blackpool as part of Lancashire into Tier 3 as an area of Very High risk relating to Covid – 19.  In addition, the government then advised schools and colleges that face masks are now compulsory in communal areas and corridors.  I have tried to avoid this until now but with the increasing risk of infection, it is a measure I have been forced to implement.  I would like to thank you all as following my text message to all families on Monday 19th October, informing you of this, the young people have responded perfectly.  We have not had any issues of any young person refusing to wear them and I genuinely feel that we all feel that little bit safer.

My colleague said to me this week that, “Covid has arrived,” and I could not agree more.  All of us will know someone, in our families or in our wider social circles, who has been affected.  Please can you all follow the guidelines given, as we all have a duty to look after each other:



In addition, in line with new guidance as part of Tier 3:

  • You must not meet socially with friends and family indoors, unless they are part of your household bubble.  This includes homes, gardens and other places and public venues
  • You may continue to see friends and family you do not live with (or have formed a support bubble with  in groups of 6), which includes children of any age
  • Meeting in larger groups is AGAINST THE LAW.

Following the return to school after the summer, we introduced a ‘bubble’ system of classes, which allowed for groups of young people to stay in their form group with the learning delivered by their form tutor.  We were hoping to begin to open these up, by allowing subject specialist staff to deliver in the core subject areas.  However, in light of the escalating risk, we will be remaining with the bubble system for the first few weeks after half term but we will be reviewing this decision regularly.  I want to reassure you that our specialist teachers of maths, English and science are meticulously planning the learning which the teachers are delivering.  The work is appropriately differentiated to the needs of our learners, who have told us that they are really enjoying this way of working.

This bubble system is proving to be a really positive experience and it has been wonderful to see the improved relationships within the form groups.  We have also noticed that it is having a positive impact on behaviour and engagement in learning.  Can I also ask you to encourage your child to access our learning platform through Google classroom, as there are a wealth of resources and activities which will help with learning and their emotional well-being.

However, can we please be remind you that we still need your support in a number of areas.  We are trying to discourage the use of public transport but if your child does have to use this as a method of travel to school, please be aware, that as of the 15.6.20, all those using this method must use a face mask.  Please send children in their school uniform.

We are asking you and your child, along with our staff, to commit to helping us achieve a safe environment for everyone, which may involve us working together slightly differently.  If for any reason your child needs to self-isolate, then please let us know if we can support in any way at all.

To enable us to reduce the risk of our young people mixing together before and after school and maintain the ‘bubbles’, we will be continuing with the staggered start and finish times.  These are detailed in the table below:

School reopens on Monday 2nd November 2020

Start Finish
Athena KS4 09.00 am 2.30 am
Athena KS3 / Nurture 09.15 am 2.15 am
Pegasus KS2 08.45 am 1.45 pm
Pegasus Year 7 / 8 09.00am 2.00 pm
Pegasus Year 9 09.15 am 2.15 pm
Pegasus Year 10 09.00 am 2.00 pm
Pegasus Year 11 09.15 am 2.15 pm

*If your child is on a progression plan, centre staff will be in contact next week to discuss start time and hours.

The majority of young people are behaving really well but I would like to remind you of the agreements that you signed on return to school in September, which remain in place.  This agreement is at the bottom of this letter.

Finally, if we can support you in any other way or you would like to discuss anything within this letter, please do not hesitate in contacting either myself or your Lead Teachers.

Yours faithfully,


Wendy Casson


Student & Parent / Carer Declaration


It is important as Educational Diversity remains open during the Covid-19 pandemic, that everyone in school is able to be kept safe.  For this to happen, it is important that students, parents / carers and staff agree to support each other by following the government guidelines on protective measures, including:

  • social distancing
  • good hygiene

To achieve this, we respectfully ask every student and parent / carer to read and agree to the following:

Everything stated below is in line with our Expectations and Values: 

Be Respectful         Be Safe        Be Ready



I will be respectful by:

  • Listening to and following the safety rules (see below)
  • Being positive and kind to others
  • Taking responsibility for my choices and actions

I will be safe by:

  • Using hand sanitiser as I arrive and washing my hands regularly during the day
  • Keeping a safe distance of 2 metres from others at all times. (This includes not standing too close when I’m talking to my friends or staff)
  • Staying in my classroom (unless I am told otherwise)
  • Working at my own desk, with my own equipment

I will be ready by:

  • Arriving at my agreed time
  • Having a positive attitude and being ready to join in activities
  • Doing my work on the online learning platform and in class


Signed: _______________________________           Date: ___________________

Parent / carer


I will support school by:

  • Reminding my child of the additional expectations (detailed above)
  • Being available on the phone while my child is in school
  • If my child doesn’t comply with the safety and protective measures (detailed above), I will be contacted and my child will be asked to leave the premises and  I will come and collect them from school immediately.  I understand that if I am unable to do this, the Police may be called.
  • If my child refuses to leave the premises and continues to pose a risk, key members of the leadership team will use physical intervention to take them to a safe place, such as outside of school and it will be my responsibility to collect them immediately.  Physical interventions will only be used in emergencies.  Staff have access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • I will keep my child off school if they or anyone else in the home is displaying symptoms of Coronavirus and I will inform school immediately.
  • If my child behaves in a way that is unsafe and against the government’s advice on protective measures, a review of their place in school may be carried out based on the risks they pose.
  • If my child has an underlying health condition then I understand that it is my decision and responsibility to place them at school.


I understand that as a parent / carer, I have a duty of care to support school in this way.


Signed: ______________________________________   Date: ______________